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AMD Ryzen Processor in Oman, 32MB Cache up to 4.7GHz, TSMC 5nm FinFET, CPU Socket AM5, Zen 4

AMD's new 6-core processor, the Ryzen™ 5 7600X in Oman Desktop Processors launched to make the gaming experience a reality.

AMD is here with Ryzen 5 7600X to capture the new generation with the first processor in the Ryzen 7000 Series. Depending on the workload, the Ryzen 5 7600X in Oman's 6-core, 12-thread CPU runs at speeds between 4.7GHz and 5.3GHz.
It is made up of a single 6nm die and a 5nm Core Complex Die (CCD). It has 28 PCIe 5.0 lanes, 32MB L3 cache, 6MB L2, and compatibility with DDR5. A processor designed for specialized use in gaming and productivity, the Ryzen 5 7600X is marketed as a more economical mid-tier choice.

AMD Ryzen 5 7600X Desktop Processor Features

Their arrival is a signal to the next generation of gaming that excels in features.
The AMD Ryzen 5 7600x was definitely quicker with both eco modes set on and off based on average clock speeds. The AMD Ryzen 5 7600x in Oman will attain an average clock speed of 5.1 GHz with the enabled eco mode, whereas the average clock speed increased to 5.2 GHz when the eco mode is off.
  • PCIe® 5.0 storage support, ultra-fast WiFi® 6E, AMD EXPO™ technology.
  • Higher memory frequencies and more aggressive settings can unlock higher frame rates.
  • Get fast “Zen 4” performance with AMD Socket AM5 motherboards.
  • The all-new AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors are packed with state-of-the-art technologies for an effortlessly modern PC.
  • Highlights include high-speed DDR5 memory, PCIe® 5.0 support, AMD EXPO™ one-touch memory overclocking.
  • Design faster, Render faster, Iterate faster.
  • Pair your AMD Ryzen™ processor with a high-performance cooling system for unparalleled performance.
  • Get maximum storage bandwidth with an AMD-qualified storage device.
Are you frustrated by slow system speed? Then think no more when you have AMD Ryzen™ 5 7600X with you.

No user ventures beyond a threshold to measure the performance of the system. Because what a user wants is performance. If they are not found, other processors are searched for.

New Zen 4 CPUs, which are created using TSMC's 5nm technology, increase peak clock speeds by 16% to 5.7 GHz compared to Zen 3 CPUs. They also enhance IPC by 13%, double the size of the L2 cache, include an RDNA2 graphics solution, and boost peak clock speeds by 13%.
This processor now features an LGA connection matrix with pins on the new AM5 socket and contacts on the CPU. It is physically a 4545 mm square with two distinct pin zones that together make 1718 connections. In this way, it is ready to handle the Ryzen 9's high power and consumption of up to 230W, boost PCIe Gen5 lanes' addressing and give certain pins to enable DDR5 ECC RAM.

AMD Ryzen 5 7600X Desktop Processor Gallery

You are also bound to get the gaming experience you deserve. Everything for you comes together here.
Integral graphics, which won't require a separate graphics card to be connected in to get a visual signal, is the second significant new feature of the Ryzen 5 7600X in Oman. This will make it simpler to solve issues with your PC. Additionally, you may save money by forgoing the additional cost of a separate card for basic-use PCs when inexpensive chips ultimately appear.

AMD Ryzen 5 7600X Desktop Processor Specs

Each and every feature delivered to you will satisfy the gamer in you.
The AMD Ryzen 5 7600x in Oman achieves the same amount of frames at 76-77 FPS for 4K resolution. You can see a difference of 16% in favor of this CPU for 1% lows at 1080p, which suggests a more steady frame rate. The variations between 1440p and 4K, other than that, were essentially conventional and mirrored the outcomes of the average FPS benchmark.
General Specifications
Platform Desktop
Market Segment Enthusiast Desktop
Product Family AMD Ryzen™ Processors
Product Line AMD Ryzen™ 5 Desktop Processors
AMD PRO Technologies No
Consumer Use Yes
Regional Availability Global
Former Codename "Raphael AM5"
Architecture "Zen 4"
# of CPU Cores 6
Multithreading (SMT) Yes
# of Threads 12
Max. Boost Clock Up to 5.3GHz
Base Clock 4.7GHz
L1 Cache 384KB
L2 Cache 6MB
L3 Cache 32MB
Default TDP 105W
Processor Technology for CPU Cores TSMC 5nm FinFET
Processor Technology for I/O Die TSMC 6nm FinFET
CPU Compute Die (CCD) Size 71mm²
I/O Die (IOD) Size 122mm²
Package Die Count 2
Unlocked for Overclocking Yes
AMD EXPO™ Memory Overclocking Technology Yes
Precision Boost Overdrive Yes
Curve Optimizer Voltage Offsets Yes
AMD Ryzen™ Master Support Yes
CPU Socket AM5
Supporting Chipsets X670E
CPU Boost Technology Precision Boost 2
Instruction Set x86-64
Supported Extensions

AES, AMD-V, AVX, AVX2, AVX512, FMA3, MMX(+), SHA, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, SSE4A, SSSE3, x86-64

Thermal Solution (PIB) Not included
Max. Operating Temperature (Tjmax) 95°C
Launch Date 9/27/2022
*OS Support

Windows 11 - 64-Bit Edition
Windows 10 - 64-Bit Edition
RHEL x86 64-Bit
Ubuntu x86 64-Bit
*Operating System (OS) support will vary by manufacturer.

USB Type-C® Support: Yes
Native USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) Ports: 4
Native USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5Gbps) Ports: 0
Native USB 2.0 (480Mbps) Ports: 1
Native SATA Ports: 0
Native PCIe® Lanes (Total/Usable): 28/24
Additional Usable PCIe Lanes from Motherboard: AMD X670E - 12x Gen4
AMD X670 - 12x Gen4
AMD B650E - 8x Gen4
AMD B650 - 8x Gen4
NVMe Support: Boot, RAID0, RAID1, RAID10
System Memory Type: DDR5
Memory Channels: 2
Max. Memory: 128GB
System Memory Subtype: UDIMM
Max Memory Speed: 2x1R DDR5-5200
ECC Support: Yes (Requires mobo support)
Graphics Capabilities
Integrated Graphics: Yes
Graphics Model: AMD Radeon™ Graphics
Graphics Core Count: 2
Graphics Frequency: 2200 MHz
GPU Base: 400 MHz
USB Type-C® DisplayPort™ Alternate Mode: Yes
Product IDs
Product ID Boxed: 100-100000593WOF
Product ID Tray: 100-000000593
Key Features
Supported Technologies AMD EXPO™ Technology
AMD Ryzen™ Technologies

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You can be bothered by a lot of queries concerning the AMD Ryzen 5 7600x in Oman, Here are some of their extracts.
What is AMD Ryzen 5 7600X Desktop Processor?
A quick mid-range desktop CPU from the Raphael series is the AMD Ryzen 5 7600X in Oman. It has 6 cores with the hyper-threading capable Zen 4 architecture (12 threads)
Is AMD 7600X available Good for Gaming?
The Ryzen 5 7600X in Oman is equally amazing, providing up to 18% quicker gaming performance than its predecessor in addition to 25% and 34% increases in single and multi-threaded tasks, respectively.
Is the AMD Ryzen 5 7600X worth it?
This CPU's high clock speed makes it simple to increase to its full clock speed on a single core, providing you with a much-needed performance boost, particularly in gaming. The Ryzen 5 7600X in Oman, is one of the most affordable mid-range Processors.
How much is the best price of the AMD Ryzen 5 7600X Desktop Processor in Oman?
EMI Starts from 9.992 OMR/m 12 Months or 119.9 OMR.

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